Using psychometric data to define your brand’s cultural DNA.

Why culture is so important

The most successful brands out there today have clearly defined and genuine characters or personas. It is not just what defines them but also protects them from their competition. Whilst products might be copied, brands with strong and genuine personalities are much harder to replicate.
It was not long ago that what consumers were told by brands was all they had to decide with. Brands could act one way but be perceived another. All that changed with the web. Consumers could learn about the company behind the brand. If the web pulled back the curtains, social media kicked down the door. Consumer’s decision making became informed and based on a desire for shared values and transparency. If a brand doesn’t walk their talk, they move on to a competitor who does.

There has never been a more important time to understand how your true company culture reflects in your brand and how you sell it to the consumer. Your true culture is demonstrated best by your most important asset, your people. Get to know them and you’ll reveal the culture that your consumers see when they come looking.

Using KultureLab to help define your brand

Created by Kitchen in collaboration with Lumina Learning and powered by Lumina Spark, KultureLab is a unique psychometric data tool that assesses and captures the individual personality of employees, then combines and maps them at team, discipline or company level before applying brand archetypes to decode the true culture of that organisation.

1. Individual-level character analysis

2. Team-level character analysis

What is revealed can be used to influence the messaging used to reach consumers in the most compelling way. Alternatively it can act as a springboard to transformation and change at any level within the organisation.

3. Organisation-level culture analysis

KultureLab was developed to help brands understand and harness the power of internal culture to complete the circle of engagement between brand, product, company and consumer, all aimed at creating what we call Inside Out Ideas, what employees call pride and what brands call growth and success.