Event | Building your brand tone of voice

by | Feb 28, 2024 | Events | 0 comments

Kitchen’s Head of Strategy, Vaila Robertson has been invited to speak on a panel with The GO! Network to discuss the core tenets of a strong brand voice, the role it can play, and best practise guidance for consistency in your TOV.

As brand voice plays an increasingly vital role in attracting audiences, with 34% of consumers highlighting a business’ ‘distinct personality‘ as a key stand out feature – are you making the most out of your tone of voice?

In this virtual session, our experts discuss some of the practical challenges of implementing a specific brand voice, and what in-house teams need to consider before making any kind of shift, including how to frame your current brand TOV and the avenues you could explore to add real business value.

On the agenda:

  • Why does your brand tone of voice matter? – The changing nature of brand-audience relationships, and the ways your brand voice can impact your business
  • Assessing your approach – How to frame and evaluate the strength of your existing brand voice across different channels and audiences
  • Finding your voice – Practical considerations for strengthening your tone of voice, advice for internal roll-outs, and common pitfalls
  • Continuous improvement – Investing in maintaining your brand voice, measuring success, and next steps to take your brand voice to the next level

Our speakers:


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