About Us

Ever get the feeling that your agency is more interested in their reputation than yours?

Giving you ideas that feel like they are stuck on from the outside?

With Kitchen it’s different.

We know that the best brand ideas come from having a deep understanding of the people and the culture that shape a business from the inside.

We look beyond Unique Selling Points to search for your Universal Cultural Proposition.

Ideas that unite and excite both internal company and external consumer cultures

Ideas that have the depth and longevity to truly activate the internal organisation and challenge the outside landscape.

Kitchen. Inside out ideas.

Inside the Kitchen

We combine bright, young people who want to change the world with experienced specialists who know how to make it happen.

We sit round a big kitchen table and work in an open, collaborative way (often with you at the table). We challenge each other in our shared goal of getting to know our clients better. If you work with one of us, you work with all of us.

How we make work that moves people

We start by finding what makes you tick but more importantly what stops you ticking. Before we start thinking, we start learning. Understanding you from the ground up.

We live in an exciting age where AI and digital technology are opening a world of infinite possibilities for brands, but without the underpinning of human engagement it’s hard to find ideas that move people in meaningful ways. Kulture Lab is our unique proprietary culture tool where we integrate deep human psychology and empirical data with creative thinking to build brands that truly move people.

Our Clients

Creative ideas that work

We only succeed if you do. Being fully independent means we have no agenda, no pressure on profits – just a 100% focus on what will work best for our clients. This gives us the freedom and agility to work with the creative outputs that will have the greatest impact on your brand.

What We Do

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Using data, insights and our unique psychometric tool, KultureLab, we develop a brand
marketing strategy which defines brand purpose based on the culture of your organisation.


As a brand agency we specialise in every aspect of the branding process and branding
services including brand identity, look & feel, visual identity, rebrand or brand refresh.

Websites & App Development

Our development team provides web design and build, HTML5 build, native apps, wordpress
web build, front end web development, app design, app build for mobile or android apps.

Creative Development & Advertising

Our advertising agency team create ideas for multi platform advertising campaigns. These range from TV campaigns, radio, print & outdoor advertising through to online advertising and display campaigns.

TV Production

Our in-house production agency provides film and social media content production including
tv commercial production, animation, 3D films, video production and post-production editing.

Brand Design

Our graphic design team focus on all aspects of brand identity including brand logo design,
brand packaging, exhibition stands, brand naming, printing, brochures and digital design.

What We Don’t Do

We only do what we do best and have specialist partners we regularly work with to help us with the rest: https://www.thefuturepartnership.com